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Rules to Break

The alternate universe in which these stories take place is one where alphas, betas and omegas are the biological norm for humans. This has led to many slight changes that add up to a lot of differences in every day life.


It is also a universe where World War II never happened, people caught on sooner to the need for clean energy and technology has developed along different paths than in ours (they have hoverboards because anyone who's ever watched Return to the Future is still pissed we haven't invented them yet!).


The stories take place in the modern world but follow the Jewish calendar system which is in the year 5779 (let's not front and pretend anyone didn't find the BC and AD thing confusing!)


These stories are all romances that deal with the effects society-imposed expectations have on people and relationships, the degree of hockey, activism and lawyering vary widely. 

#1 - Not Destiny (Thomas & Uri)

#2 - Cracking Ice (Carry & Keenan)

#3 - Misremembrance (M/M, B/B)

#4 - Unbreakable Bonds (M/M, O/O)

#5 - Untitled (M/F/M, B/B/B)

6# - Justice is a Fine Mistress (F/F, A/O)

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