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The Hell Flames have qualified for the semi-finals and Carry and Keenan are closer than ever despite Keenan's blooming romance with Amalia.


He cannot remain silent while omegas suffer, and as he comes into contact with the activists fighting for omega rights, he starts to believe he can really contribute to change things. But Keenan's need to speak out might cost him the very person he's trying to protect.


Carry knows he has to be careful with his public image, but behind closed doors he's taking names and getting organized as for the first time in years he starts to see a way out of the box he's been assigned to as an omega.


But every interaction between Carry and Keenan is a walk down a tightrope and with the bond pulling them closer, can they really keep things professional when they add friendship to their desire?


Cracking Ice: episode 5

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