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The Stars of the Pack:

1)    Omega for the Pack - When Ray presents as an omega instead of an alpha, his life changes forever. As a male omega, he's expected to mate with a select group of alphas and start a pack of his own. A/B/O, M/M/M/M/M/M, M/M, mpreg, dubcon. Also in German, French, Italian, Dutch & Portuguese. 

1.1)    Simpler than Most (an interlude): Sergi has stopped lying to himself: he’s had a crush on a guy for a while. But it turns out telling yourself the truth is just the first step of a long journey. Also in Spanish, German, Italian & French bilingual editions.
2)    Alpha for the Pack - Ray wasn’t ready to become an omega, but he’s come to accept his fate… until it seems the pack might need even more of him than he can give.
3)    Protectors of the Pack – Alec and Gabriel are Ray’s alphas first and foremost and nothing to each other. But three years ago… things were very different. Get the free short prequel here!
4)    Beloved of the Pack – An omega is essential to his pack. But an omega is just a man. And a man needs to be loved. Can you share your body and not share your heart? 
5)    Betas Aside – Marisa never hesitated to go to her brother’s aid—even when he has what she wants most in the world and can never have. But maybe where there’s love, there is a way.

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Uncommon Paths series (in the same universe).

1)    Runt of the Litter – An older omega who is ready to change the world, a young alpha who doesn’t believe in his own potential; a love that’s stronger than distance, age or inclination. A/B/O. M/M. Age gap. Long-distance.
2)    Paper Kisses – Abel’s not the kind of alpha to make a fuss when his omega ex gets together with someone else, but he’s still lonely enough to seek out their kid’s teacher to complain about wasting time to celebrate Valentine’s day. He doesn’t expect to find a lot more than paper hearts. M/M. Age gap. Human/werewolf. Sweet.

Standalone books:

·       Truth Unveiled: When Kala comes out at work to spite her biphobic coworker, she ends up in need of a fake date for the Christmas party. Her best friend immediately offers to help, but for how long can they handle the pretence? F/F. Shifters, not A/B/O. A best friends fake dating novella.

·       A Light in Winter – Alone and trapped by a dangerous arctic storm, two young men have no choice but to confront their feelings for each other. A/B/O. Cousins. Werewolves. Isolation.

·       The Omega Sacrifice - Fate deals the cards, but you can still play your hand. When a young omega is sent away to marry a strange alpha, he has no choice but to face who he is. An arranged marriage omegaverse romance.

·       A Bond Unbroken – When Lia presents as an omega, her best friend offers her anything she needs. But Lia’s been in love with Amira for years and whatever her wolf wants, her heart cannot take what’s not freely given. Best friends to lovers. F/F. A/B/O. Also in Spanish, German, Italian & French.

·       Omega Under The Moon – School is over and Cole is ready to take a break before adult life starts, but when a camping trip with his two best mates turns into something much wilder, it’ll change his life forever. A/B/O. M/M/M. Also in French, German & Italian.

·       Omega On A Mission - omegas are carers, not fighters, and Gabi is happy looking after his alpha. But when he comes across an animal in danger, his protective instincts flare up, and nobody wants to get in the way of an omega on a mission. A/B/O.

•    Not Destiny – Thomas and Uriel were never meant to be together. If they choose each other anyway, can they beat the odds? An Alpha/Beta romance.
•    Cracking Ice – Hockey means everything to them both… Until they meet each other. An Alpha/Omega hockey romance.
•    A Unique Perspective – Yadriel doesn’t look like an omega, but to the eyes of a very interested beta photographer, maybe there is a lot more to him than his size. A beta/omega BDSM romance. COMING SOON.

Intertwined Fates (brotherly romances):

•    Not to be Borne – When his twin brother presents as an omega, Michuá feels like the world is ending. In a way, becoming an omega himself seems like the only way to stay together… But Zybyn’s new alpha wants a lot more than they have bargained for and in a journey towards a strange land, there is nothing to stop him from taking it. Non-con, abuse, twincest, HEA.
•    His, Truly – When Shane unexpectedly presents as an omega during the full moon, his twin brother steps in to protect him from the alphas who’d claim him… But Tim is also an alpha. A/B/O. M/M. Twincest. 
•    The Realm of the Impossible – The Queen is dead and Lorax is ready to take his rightful place when an intimate betrayal leaves him with no choice but to surrender his throne or lose his only remaining family. At this unbearable crossroad, Lorax can watch the new Queen lead his country to a war that will destroy it, or indulge his enemy's sole weakness: himself. A Taboo M/M Royal Romance.


Werewolves of Windermere (series complete):















intertwined fates series banner.jpg

1)    The Mating Habits of Werewolves - Devlin is an omega with ambitions that have nothing to do with alphas, but when destiny comes calling, he may not have that much of a choice. A/B/O, M/M/M, mpreg.
2)    Alphas Alone - An alpha werewolf has some responsibilities he can’t ignore: finding an omega, protecting his pack, not falling for another alpha.
3)    The Parenting Habits of Werewolves - With children in common, Devlin, Naveen and Rami know their fates are bound together, but can they find a balance beyond domesticity? And can they build a love that can last? The conclusion to the M/M/M Mpreg Romance. 


Deep in the Dark (Erotica with no happy ending)

by N.Y. Lysk

  • The Weight of Duty – Now that the twins are of age, their uncle takes them in hand to teach them their marital duties. But the experience will be very different for each of them. Dub-con, feminization, medical body modification, abuse, group sex, arranged marriage, betrayal, incest.

  • Soldier On - When a humble young man is captured by the enemy lord during battle, he is expected to offer defeat to his captor by allowing him to bed him. But he is young enough that the act might unintentionally activate a hormonal process that will irreversibly feminize him. Dub-con, Non-con, mpreg, feminization, debasement.

  • The Will of Heaven - Prince Hiram of Pradeira is deemed unfit to be king after his father dies. But as a direct descendant of the gods, only those of his bloodline can reign and so to avoid civil war, he agrees to have a child with each of the princes of the other noble houses of the kingdom so that his first born and heir can inherit the throne from whoever fathered him. Dub-con, mpreg, feminization, medical kink, debasement. Also in German & Italian.

  • His Brother’s Dowry – Tony agrees to accompany his brother to a new pack, knowing he will have to submit to alphas in the absence of omegas but willing to sacrifice his comfort to give Peter a chance to find love. But his brother is already in love with an omega girl and he will give anything to get her. Even Tony. Dub-con, non-con, mpreg, feminization, debasement, body modification.

  • The Alpha Solution – Junen will be the next alpha of his pack… until one day he’s taken by a stranger—an alpha his father rejected and who’s determined to use Junen to get to him. By making him his omega. Non-con, mpreg, kidnapping, feminization, fisting, debasement, body modification, group sex, abuse.

Exclusive shorts (only sold direct):

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