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I had been happy to die, if it meant keeping my people safe and money enough for my mother and little sisters to make it to summer. But now I thought that dying was easy. Most dying, for one, was over pretty fast, soldiers knew how to get their job done and nobody had no time to be playing games.

“Ok,” he said and I felt his breath on my neck, warm and sticky. And then… I felt it. Something bigger than his fingers nudging...

Life isn't fair. And war even less so, when he gets captured by the enemy, Len knows he must pay the price to his captor: defeat. But maybe the cost is too dear for him to pay without losing his very self.

An M/M, M/M/M story including gender transformation, sissification, forced feminization, domination, boys with extra parts and much more. Due to explicit scenes of a sexual nature this is only appropriate for 18+

Soldier On (mobi, epub)

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