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Werewolves of Windermere

Wild in modern England

This series follows Devlin, a 26-year-old omega werewolf who has been allowed to leave his pack and go study in Scotland. Devlin loves the freedom he has among humans but when his father dies, his younger brother inherits the title of alpha of his pack.
Devlin is called back home to Windermere (in the Lake District in England) and asked to choose a mate, which he most definitely does not want to do. Instead of choosing between the two men presented to him, he decides to be with them both because he figures that way neither of them will really get to own him.
Naveen and Rami are happy to accommodate Devlin in any way they can, but there are some things none of them can change: namely, the changes being with an alpha brings out on an omega's body.

1) The Mating Habits of Werewolves

2) Alphas Alone

3) The Parenting Habits of Werewolves (upcoming)

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