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Androids need some love too

By the time he comes of age, sex androids are not simply common but standard, but as more realistic features get added, the line between machine and person gets blurrier and blurrier.  Can you love someone who was made to be used? And can someone love you when they aren't free?


Or what happens when your favourite fanfic author starts writing Transformer fanfic and you remeber how much you loved Almost Human, that tv show that was so unjustly cancelled!


Intimate Friendships

This an MMF threemance, which I hope one day I will be ready to write because I'm super in love with Lily,  a commercial pilot who one day leaves her beloved cat with her neighbours and comes back and gets sort of adopted herself. The neighbours are Josh and Julian (as in "hulian" because he's Cuban) who are a gay/bi couple in the process of realising their artistic dreams. 

Josh's gay but he's immediately taken with Lily's beauty and between feeding her the homemade lunches Julian leaves behind while he's off working in a bank and pretending he's James Bond, he convinces Lily to pose for him. Thus begins a friendship for the ages... that only gets more interesting when Julian and Lily hit it off on a completely different wavelength. 

Write this one first!

A Temporary Promise

Princess Valeria of Hywaz, heir apparent. Valeria is older but it wouldn’t matter, of which Callian is very much aware. Valeria is determined to the point of cruelty and efficient to the point of contempt. Like their parents, she expected Callian to excel in battle and even though he is a brilliant swordman, he falls short when it comes to archery. Where he truly excel is as an strategist and tactician, but that is not his job. She suggests the alliance with Exrav and Callian’s War Marriage, which is the last unforgivable offense. Callian’s mother is kinder and more sympathetic but she does see that without the alliance the foreign invaders will take over either Exrav or Hywaz sooner rather than latter.

Prince Callian of Hywaz is freshly of age when he’s offered everything he’s ever wanted—the chance to command his own troops in battle—for a price he cannot bear to pay—take an enemy prince into his bed and his confidence.



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