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One day, Ray is an overburdened young man; the next, he is ready to mate.

Raymond Halley is used to doing his duty to his family; he’s helped raise his younger siblings since his Dad died in a freak accident when he was thirteen. But when he presents as a rare male omega, he is asked for something he’s not sure he can give; to take on five alpha mates and have children with them.

Feeling stripped of his masculinity and his freedom all in one go, Ray retreats into his mind even as his body’s new instincts allow him to go through with what must be done. But as his family grows, he cannot help but slowly realize the five men who are now his partners don’t want just his body, but his happiness too.

In the end, can he be brave enough to open his heart?

“Omega for the Pack” is the first book in The Stars of the Pack series, an emotional rollercoaster and coming-of-age story featuring explicit relationships between men, powerful instincts, and the healing that only comes from deep transformation. In "Simpler Than Most" we take a brief detour into the relationship between two of the alphas and how it influences and shapes their relationship to Ray. "Alpha for the Pack" is a direct continuation of the first book in which Ray continues to deal with his role, only with the added pressure of a new group of alphas wanting to join his pack... and become his mates.


Includes (epub, PDF & mobi):

1) Omega for the Pack

1.1) Simpler than Most

2) Alpha for the Pack


The Stars of the Pack - volume 1 (Books 1, 1.1 & 2)

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