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An omega is essential to his pack.
But an omega is just a man.
And a man needs to be loved.
Can you share your body and not share your heart?

Ray has been through a lot since forming a pack with his five alphas. But he now has betas of his own to support them with raising their children, a finished house, and he's even started painting again.
But the past doesn't simply disappear, and Ray is dealing with the consequences of horrific trauma. Fortunately, he has his alpha mates by his side every step of the way. Especially his childhood best friend, Josh. But Ray wants something different from Josh than unquestioning support and unparalleled devotion; he wants Josh to love him.
Not like an alpha loves his omega, but like a man loves another man.
For Josh, there's nothing worse than seeing Ray in pain and he's seen it too much and too often to easily forget it, but can he see the boy he loves past the scars left by the world?
If Ray is strong enough to ask for help and Josh can trust in that strength, there is a chance of a bright future for their pack--no matter how alive their ghosts.
This is the conclusion to "The Stars of the Pack" tetralogy and reading the other books is necessary to understand this one.

Beloved of the Pack

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