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Alone and trapped by a dangerous arctic storm, two young men finally have no choice but to confront their feelings for each other.


It’s always been Kotzebue and Selawik against the world. Well, not the world, but their pack’s conservative elders and the wilderness of the arctic.


But for six months his cousin hasn’t said a word to him, not since Kotze’s foolishness almost cost him his life. Trying to tame his own wild side with chores for the pack seems like the least he can do to make amends, but when the elders reject his request to join the annual whale hunt, Kotze has had enough.


When he goes into the wild, he just means to get away from them all for a while.

For Selawik, keeping his distance from his impulsive younger cousin is as necessary as it is painful. But when Kotze leaves their territory on the eve of the first big storm of winter, Selawik’s determination breaks and he goes after him.


But their reunion in the harsh isolation of winter might be hotter than either of them expected and in the dark eye of the storm, they might at last see the light.


“A Light in Winter” is a short Omegaverse romance about two best friends forced to confront their secrets.


If you buy the audiobook version, it includes the ebook ;)

A Light in Winter (ebook)

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