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Not Gentlemen

Warning for: non-con, consent is negotiated & then ignored, bondage, gag, lingerie.

For DeeGee, for the occasion of their birthday on 21.12.2020

I hope you like your gifts early ;p


Prompt 2: Two alphas (jocks, bullies, stuck in post-season training) into improvised bondage, hand-over-mouth while fucking, really turned on by noncon scenes, love ganging up together

Thank you to Carrie Dettmer for the beta!



It was a little fucked up, but everyone did it when there were no betas or omegas around. Everyone always went on about omegas and heats, but alphas had needs too. Chalent could live with being almost perpetually horny, but he also wouldn’t have agreed to this if he hadn’t been.

Yan smirked, eyes racking up and down Chalent’s body with undisguised glee, and he shivered. Chalent couldn’t be sure if it was the other alpha’s predatory looks or the fact that he was wearing little enough to reveal his cock was hard inside the dark lacy panties. At least Yan had insisted Chalent not jerk it for two days beforehand—he hadn’t quite managed, but so what? A day was more than enough to have him unreasonably aroused at playing out his teammate’s fantasy.

The other alpha stepped closer, reaching out with his right hand and running the tips of his fingers over Chalent’s pecs under the lacy nightshirt—it was loose, maybe loose enough Yan was imagining there was a lot more flesh and a lot less muscle under it.

He didn’t get how this could be hot. He looked nothing like a woman— Yan cupped his pec and used his thumb to rub little circles around his nipple and Chalent swayed in place at the surge of electricity. Yan laughed at that, low and satisfied. Chalent closed his eyes and pretended he hadn’t heard.

Yan had seen him naked plenty of times in the changing room, of course, but he’d never felt this exposed before and his fucking cock wasn’t getting the message that it wasn’t invited to the party. If anything, standing in front of his roommate in lingerie should have been a boner-killer.

Especially when he’d agreed to… Well, not agreed, but he’d lost the game, hadn’t he? And he’d agreed to any sexual favour Yan could come up with. Clearly taken too many pucks to the head. Yan’s hand travelled up his chest, towards his neck, and Chalent stumbled back, shooting him a shocked look. For an alpha to touch another like that…

“You backing down?” Yan asked, eyebrow raised, eyes mocking.

“You said I had to wear this, not…” He waved a hand around, feeling the clothes pull in all the wrong places.

“You thought I wanted you in that to take pictures?” Yan asked with a laugh. Then he paused. “Or I could do that…”

“No fucking way!” Chalent bit out. “That’s against the rules, nothing public, remember?”

“Fine,” his teammate agreed. “So you gonna give it up or run away?”

Give it up. Chalent dug his nails more firmly into his own palms. Of course fucking him was part of the fantasy. Not actually fucking him, obviously. He’d let Yan rub one off between his thighs and pretend, sure, but only after Yan had let him first, and it wasn’t… It’d been gross to have another alpha’s come all over him, sure, but Yan had squeezed him soft and delicious between his own thighs. It was a fair exchange and it always made his victories on the ice all the sweeter.

It'd been fine. And clearly Yan had to know Chalent would never let him go that far. But he’d pretended he was fucking Yan when he’d had him bent over the back of their shared desk—they were athletes, why they needed even a single desk was mystery—with his cock shoved between those toned thighs. It was part of what made it hot, imagining it was fucking.

Yan was already tugging him over to the bed, clearly aware Chalent wouldn’t call it off. He couldn’t, not without losing a lot more than a bloody game. He wouldn’t be able to look Yan in the face if he backed off now over some stupid clothes. So he let Yan push him face down into the sheets and run his hands up his thighs, squeeze his butt and hook his thumbs under the edge of the panties. 

“You were made for this,” the other alpha growled, straddling his thighs and it should have sounded like the stupid line from porn it was, but his fingers so close to Chalent’s balls and crack were making it all… weirdly intense.

Of course it wasn’t true, he was an alpha and this was all a stupid— He couldn’t help but jump when Yan shoved his fingers all the way under the lacey thing and got them  between Chalent’s arse cheeks. He rubbed him there with something wet and that was not— But even as he tensed to roll over, the hand was already retreating. He got a smack in the arse instead and an order that made everything in him rear up in outrage. “Move up and grab the headboard.”

But he’d known this was coming, Yan had told him as soon as they’d got back from the game the previous night—Chalent had still been a little sore from getting crushed against the boards but he almost lamented not having gone through with this the previous night. Get it over with, two painfully humiliating experiences in one night he could then drink to forget.

Yan had insisted they wait, though, and Chalent could have hardly argued that he wanted to do this sooner.

He was so lost in the memory of the game, he almost didn’t notice when Yan rolled off the bed.

He most definitely noticed when his left wrist was seized and something soft was wrapped round it. A scarf of all things, whooly and a bit itchy, and Chalent snorted and let his face fall to the bed as Yan tightened the hold and dragged his hand until it was tied to the headboard. His heart picked up then, but he still made himself let the other alpha take his right hand and repeat the process. His teammate was being careful not to damage his wrists, and as for Chalent’s comfort… Well, there was no way this would be anything but disgusting. He just had to think of it as a prank, it’d be gross and uncomfortable and then it’d be over and he’d have proven…

“You enjoying the silk?” Yan’s breath in his ear was warmth and wet and smelling of his disgusting liquorice.

“Fuck you,” Chalent told him as evenly as he could manage. He stretched his fingers to try and touch the aforementioned silk, but he couldn’t reach, his wrists were wedged right between the wooden pegs of the headboard, immobilized by what seemed like meters of shiny blue material. He swallowed, realising for the first time that he couldn’t get away. But of course it—

He thought Yan was naked now, his legs felt hotter on either side of Chalent’s.

“Quite the opposite,” the other alpha whispered.

“As if—” he started to say, but Yan actually put a hand to his chin and yanked his head back as far as it would go, forcing him to push his elbows against the bedding and pressing Yan’s hard cock to the small of his back.

Chalent growled, struggling at once, growing angrier as he realised he was pinned and he couldn’t even pull on his tied hands to try to get free.

“You will be silent,” Yan hissed. “Or I will gag you.” He let go then and Chalent fell face down on the bed, getting a mouthful of dry sheets. He was still trying to get his bearings when Yan pushed his legs apart. The knickers were too small and they’d got wedged painfully against his hole so it was a relief to have Yan pull them away from his sensitive skin. At least until he felt Yan’s fingers there again, cold and sticky there. He clenched, instinct too powerful to overcome and Yan laughed.

“Stop fucking around,” Chalent demanded, pulse battering in his ears, but determined to—

“Oh, you had to open your pretty mouth, didn’t you?” Yan asked with regret so transparently fake, Chalent immediately knew he was in deep shit.

“I don’t—" His mouth was covered completely by Yan's gigantic paw and he inhaled sharply through his nose despite the sour smell of alpha and sex. He fought, thrashed as hard as he could, but with the other alpha’s weight on his back, that just made it harder to get any air into his burning lungs and then as suddenly as it’d come, the hand was gone. Yan was saying something Chalent didn’t hear and... Something was in his mouth. Not plastic, something softer but too big for him to push out. He instinctively tried to push it away with his tongue, inhaling raggedly through his nose, still shaky but rapidly growing angry again.

The bastard must have had the gag handy, because once Chalent had gasped for air, it was past his lips in a moment and secured behind his head before his vision had quite cleared. This hadn’t been the deal. He put his elbows to the bedding and shoved his hips up. It backfired famously, getting Yan’s arm to tighten painfully around his middle. “Shh...” The other alpha told him, rubbing his hips against Chalent’s buttocks like the move had been intended to get them closer. He was naked and leaving a trail of precome all over him that made Chalent want to tear off stripes of his own skin. “You’ll get yours, girl.”

No, no, no. He wasn’t, this wasn’t— Yan got his knee between Chalent’s legs, far enough he was half lifting Chalent’s sack, and then he went for his arse again.

But this time he kept his arm around Chalent’s middle, and without hands all the struggling against Yan’s hold managed to do was to rub the silky nightgown against his nipples. He couldn’t pull away, he couldn’t close his legs and Yan’s fingers were in there again.

When they went into him, he couldn’t help himself, he cried out against the gag, body clenching as much as it could while forced to spread. And something in him snapped then because he threw his head back, ready to knock himself out if it would hurt the other alpha enough to stop it. But the move was too obvious and his teammate knew him too well so all he got was a growl and a knee to the balls that made him keen and fall forward onto his elbows again, eyes scrunched shut in pain.

And while he was down, Yan got his other knee between Chalent’s and shoved his fingers all the way in, like knife through butter and he didn’t stop, he pulled out and shoved them in again, wetter somehow—blood, or more lube? And Chalent got another wind from terror and tried to close his legs but it was like stabbing himself with the thick fingers inside him. He was used to pain but this was different, and Yan had been prepared because before he could react, he took Chalent by the hips and dragged him backwards just enough that he would have no hope to lift himself again.

It was like then, with his face half mashed into his roommate’s sheets, arse lifted high, and mouth stuffed, that he felt the blunt tip of the other alpha’s erection in the space between his arse cheeks where only the bloody panties had been before.

The fingers came out as roughly as they’d gone in and Chalent tried to roll but all it took was for Yan to dig his free hand into Chalent’s hip and pull in the opposite direction to keep him where he wanted him. And then he shoved forward in the wet place he’d prepared for himself and there was nothing in his way, Chalent’s legs were spread, his hands half-asleep from how tight they were tied up.

There was nothing in the way, so the length of alpha cock just slid right into him, blunt and too large for a body not meant for this and all Chalent could do was scream into the gag—barely a whimper coming out as his teammate bottomed out with a grunt. His knees would have given up then, maybe they did, but he was fully impaled, arse held firmly in place against the hot weight of Yan’s balls. He was still trembling from the rush of fresh pain when he was yanked by the hips and pulled into the next thrust. Like a second punch, it hurt even more than the first—an impossibility Chalent’s brain struggled with even after years of on-ice violence and tumbling about with other alphas. The state he fell into as his teammate continued to take his pleasure in him wasn’t unlike falling under a pile of bodies or taking a beating that left you too weak to fight back; his mind seemed to go somewhere as his body agonized, forced to bear the unbearable again and again.

It wasn’t until a rough hand encased his own cock that he zoned back in. Yan was jerking him off, and the indignation that brought should have been ridiculous but it was enough to get Chalent to try to pull away. The other alpha laughed uproariously behind him when that shoved his arse right onto his waiting hard cock, burying it deeper in him. A spark of strange sensation made Chalent’s own erection twitch.

The pain of the penetration had eased somewhat, maybe with the copious amounts of alpha precome now inside him—something so unnatural everything in his body and mind revolted—and the hand on his own genitals was insistent, demanding he… he be part of this. Complicit in his own… humiliation.

Not a prank, it’d gone too far… Chalent knew people got carried away, but this... He screwed his eyes shut and stopped trying to pull away, ignoring the crowing of success behind him as Yan’s hand sped up and so did his hips, finding a rhythm fucking into Chalent’s arse and stripping his cock so he’d come while getting fucked.

It seemed beyond impossible, even if his cock got all the right— and then his teammate spread his stance and something changed because his next thrust sent a surge of heat up Chalent’s spine that made him sway and his dick thicken in Yan’s grip. It immediately became clear it had been no accident when Yan did it again and leaned in to press his chest to Chalent’s back and whisper, “You like it.” The skin of Chalent’s neck was still humid from his breath when he buried himself inside once more, sending a crashing wave of electricity that knocked over something inside him, some barrier that— His body convulsed, gripping the alpha cock inside him and milking it as ecstasy like he’d never known before made his already overstretched limbs give up and land him on his face, a shaky, sticky mess.

And through it all, Yan didn’t let go of him, moving in and out with purpose.

When Yancame at last, forcing himself into Chalent’s lax body, he rested his mouth right next his exposed neck and informed him, “You’re going to let me win all the time now.”

As the hot come dripped from his well-used hole, Chalent tried to reach for his anger, to find the adrenaline to tear his bindings, to— But it wasn’t there.

The battle was over, and he’d lost.

The end

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