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“Their pups,” Jack corrected, still gentle. “You know omegas don’t own pups, sweetheart. I bred them in you, remember? They wouldn’t exist without me. And when we lend you to other alphas to breed, it’ll be the same. You’ll just carry the pups for them, and then they will go where they belong: with their fathers.”

Tony didn’t answer. There were tears sliding down his cheeks.

“And with the money they give us,” Jack continued consolingly, “we’ll be able to take care of our own pups.” His fingers were playing with Tony’s belly now, like he was thinking of filling it again. “Giorgio said we will sell your next litter and the one after that, then I’ll get to breed my pups in you again.”

Sell, Tony’s brain echoed, as Jack’s cock hardened inside him again and he started rocking his hips into the wet heat of his arse.

They were going to sell his body and his children.

And he was going to let them, of course, an omega could do nothing less for his alphas.

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